Golden Ray
Golden Ray
Golden Ray
Biography Golden Ray face oil texture.
Golden Ray
Golden Ray
Golden Ray
Biography Golden Ray face oil texture.

Golden Ray

Glow Drops

For normal skin. Hydrating and moisturizing, this face oil actively triggers collagen production and increases glow on a cellular level. Scent - Bright floral, sunny.


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30 ML

Biography is made with sustainably sourced natural ingredients. Our oils are vegan and never tested on animals. Our glass and paper packaging is 100% recyclable.

Jojoba seed oil* 
Camellia seed oil* 
Pumpkin seed oil* 
Rosehip fruit oil* 
Raspberry seed oil* 
Pomegranate seed oil
Cranberry seed oil* 
Carrot seed oil 
Watermelon seed oil 
Avocado oil*
Sea buckthorn oil* 
Amla oil* 
Natural vitamin E 
Marine algae
Sunflower seed oil 
Safflower seed oil 
Rosemary leaf extract 
Cedarwood oil
Palmarosa oil 
Ylang Ylang oil 
Frankincense oil 
Geranium oil 

* Organic Ingredient 


French marine algae

Capturing the regenerative energy of ocean life, marine algae stimulates the new growth of collagen and skin proteins, improving elasticity, hydration, and softness. It’s nature’s wrinkle-remover.

Carrot seed oil

Bringing a rush of vitamins A, C. and E, this active repairs, moisturizes, and boosts collagen, helping repair sun damage and scars, and regulating skin’s oil production to achieve a naturally harmonious balance.

Fruit seed complex

Pressed from the seeds of raspberry, pomegranate, cranberry, and watermelon, this active blend is an antioxidant motherlode, rich on omega-6’s and -9’s and vitamins A and E. Working together, it’s like nature’s power serum for anti-aging and damage-reversal.

French Marine Algae

Golden Ray's Collagen Boosting Superstar

In clinical studies, this natural active (at the same potency level as in Golden Ray) is proven to increase the skin’s collagen production, while hydrating and restoring its natural suppleness. After 72 hours, collagen synthesis increased in treated cells up to 17.2% compared to untreated cells. Wrinkle volume decreased by 12.0% due to increased hydration in 2 months with daily use. In 2 months of daily use, wrinkle depth on skin decreased by 10.4%.

Every claim is supported by an independent-based clinical trial.

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