Music for Golden Ray

Does light have a sound? Does gold have a beat? They do now. Gild your day with bright energy and a sunny disposition, with vibes courtesy of Grace Jones, Bowie, Gilberto Gil, and, among others, a band called Meat Puppets (they sound better than they...sound).

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Golden Ray in Motion

Like “On Golden Pond,” but without the familial tensions. Or Oscar-winners. Basically just the golden pond—and Biography.

Music for Long June

Gentle strings, ambient waves, a serene sense of time and space: this is quiet you can hear, and calm you can feel. Let it fill the room and redecorate your space in shades of warm air and clear light. Featuring composers like Brian Eno, Jonny Greenwood, and Hiroshi Yoshimura.

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Long June in Motion

When you want a midday reset, put on this video and let a soft meadow breeze drift through your computer screen and build a circle of safety and peace around you.

Music for Petty Grudges

Classic cocktail-hour vibes with sass, verve, and a bit of a knowing wink too. Nina Simone, Nick Cave, SZA, Marvin Gaye, Kate Bush—don’t you dare have a party without them.

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Petty Grudges in Motion

The Côte d'Azur party that’s never called off due to rain, nervous breakdown, or bankruptcy—we found it.

Music for Few Words

This is what you wished barbershops sounded like: primitive guitar, sixties yearning, and traditional tunes with a twist from the likes of The Byrds, Beck, Thelonious Monk, Al Green, and James Blake, among a host of worthy others (no barbershop quartets).

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Few Words playlist on Spotify

Few Words in Motion

Spring to life, but take your time. This is the visual equivalent of a walk in the woods and a mini meditation session at once: balance, clarity, and a little lust for life are at hand.