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About Us

We put your story first.

To us, even the best-made products will never be as interesting as the people who use them. Our face oils harmoniously integrate themselves into your daily routine, giving you the power to change your skin’s narrative for the better. As your skin improves, your story changes—and that new chapter is all Biography.

Active oils that put your story first

What We Do.

It’s a short list: we make face oils. Namely, four active oil blends with the power to change your skin—and your story. We’re hawkish about our craft: what other companies may outsource, we handcraft from scratch, doing the meticulous designing, formulating, and clinical testing. The result is skincare that actually delivers what it promises: meaningful, visible change from naturally healing sources, bound to replace your creams and moisturizers in one fell swoop (or maybe four).

Biography Face Oils

Biography people are:

Biography is for people who love their face, embrace their story, and welcome change as a positive force. It’s also people who are looking for a new source of beauty—who are dissatisfied with dirty ingredients out there, unsustainable practices, ineffective fluff, or that creeping feeling that a brand thinks you’re “not their ideal customer.” Welcome to a new kingdom where efficacy and sustainability reign, and acceptance is the coin of the realm.


Our Design

We believe what looks good should feel good—and act good. We have designed every milligram and micropixel of Biography to be in harmony with your skin, the planet, and each other, all coming together in a new approach to natural beauty that’s anything but boring. Go deeper into it here.

Biography design approach

Our Impact

We believe in beauty that’s as good for you as it is for all the other animals, plants, people, and planets out there. All our ingredients are sustainably sourced, ethically gathered, and packaged in recyclable, earth-friendly ways. We’re proudly cruelty-free and vegan, because no one should have to suffer for you to thrive. Read more about our principles and practices here.

Sustainability philosophy

Our Founder

Linda Thompson has been developing the oils and the story of Biography for over 8 years. After leaving a career in luxury brands, she vowed to live by two ideas: that the world needs better, fewer things; and that life is a daring project. Biography is the synthesis of these two storylines: a company that dares to question its own role in the industry—and your cabinet. She hopes Biography acts as a catalyst in your story, sparking something new and true for you.

Linda Thompson, our Founder