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What skin types are Biography face oils good for?

Our range of four active oils span across all skin types. We have oils that are healing and nourishing for sensitive, dry, combination and even oily skin. Sensitive or oily skin, try Long June. Dry or damaged, check out Petty Grudges. For all skin types including combination, take a look at Golden Ray. And for shave and facial hair, try Few Words


Do Biography face oils replace or work alongside my moisturizer?

That depends on your preference and skin needs. Biography active oils address most skin woes and needs such as breakouts, dry skin, loss of elasticity, sun damage or fine lines. Many people do use the oils on their own, replacing a moisturizer entirely. But, they also pair beautifully with your favorite serum or moisturizer for added punch. We suggest you try it out and see how your skin favors the oils.


If I have sensitive skin, can I use your products?

Yes, our Long June face oil is especially helpful as it has been specifically formulated to calm even the most sensitive skin, including those with rosacea. If you have any apprehension about an ingredient, try a small patch test on the inside of your wrist before applying it to your face.


If I have oily skin, will Biography face oils make my skin oilier or break out?

Believe it or not, quality oils do NOT clog pores or cause breakouts. Quite the opposite. Oils in their purest form are healing for every skin woe: thirst, irritation, sensitivity, aging, even oily. Because of their lighter molecular weights, they’ll feel light on the skin, penetrate deeply and protect from water loss. Overtime, using oils will help to rebalance the skin’s oil levels heal your skin.


Can I use your face oils while pregnant?

Biography oils are generally safe for daily use. We produce sustainable, natural and organic potent oils that are all effective for pregnant women. All oils are sulphate, phthalate, and paraben free so no worries there. A concern might be a sensitivity to certain scents but each person experiences this sensitivity differently.


What's the difference between an Active Face Oil and a Regular Face Oil?

Actives are the ingredients in skincare that work toward the product’s intended purpose, boosting collagen production or reducing the appearance of aging sunspots, for example. Because we added a sufficient concentration of french marine algae into Golden Ray Glow Drops, this active does more than moisturize - collagen synthesis increases 17% more over a 72 hour period vs untreated skin. Retinoic acid from rosehip oil actively targets visible signs of aging and improves skin over time. These oils do much more than moisturize, they work to change your skin for the better.


Are your products Clean, vegan and organic?

All Biography products are plant-based, paraben-free, vegan, and have zero chemical irritants.


Are your products tested on animals?

We have never, nor will we ever do animal testing with our products. Similarly, our ingredient suppliers conduct no new animal testing on our ingredients. As such, Biography is certified by the Leaping Bunny Program, the gold-standard in cruelty-free certification for personal care products.


Are Biography products made sustainably?

Absolutely. We believe producing using sustainable methods is table stakes for a beauty brand today. We use low-heat extracted ingredients to ensure the highest clinically-effective quality and potency possible. Our containers are printed using FSC certified paper and soy inks. Our glass bottles and tubes are recyclable and repurposable.


The bottle is made of UV coated glass. Why is this important?

Delicate nutrient-rich seed pressed oils, as well as potent active ingredients, do not like daylight. Generally, you’ll see most face oils packaged in brown or violet bottles to protect oils from degrading/ losing efficacy/changing scent due to damaging ultraviolet rays. The risk there is the bottle obscures the often vibrant oil color. We’re all about transparency and love the look of the interplay between the oils + the jewel-colored glass so we took the extra detail of a clear UV coating the glass for protection. We sweat the details so consumers don’t have to.


What’s the shelf-life of Biography oils?

Once opened, Biography active oils last 12 months. We suggest storing oils in a cool, dry place. Some even store oils in the fridge to extend their life.


Should I patch test Biography active oils before using?

At Biography, we design, formulate, independently and scientifically test our products in the USA to avoid irritating ingredients and to be free of common allergens. However, this is a daunting task since there are so many types of sensitive skin. Most can use all of our products; others can only use a few. What we leave out is as important as what we include -- alcohols, silicones, synthetic fragrances and preservatives. We list all ingredients under each product so you can quickly scan if a product contains anything to which you might be sensitive. We use essential oils and marine-derived ingredients (Golden Ray Glow Drops exclusively) synergistically in our formulas. If you have any apprehension about an ingredient, try a small patch test on the inside of your wrist before applying to your face.


Are there fragrances added to Biography oils?

There are no artificial fragrances added to Biography face oils. We add essential oils to bring a fresh, light and natural scent to our oils. When you smell Biography oils, you will detect slight hints of earthy rosehip oil, or vitamins, for example.



Shipping + Returns


How long will it take to get my product?

Once in transit, packages usually arrive in 5-7 business days.


What is your return policy?

We always want you to be happy with your Biography purchase, so we welcome the opportunity to work alongside you to find a match with your unique needs and the product you’ve chosen. We can consult over email and chat to ensure the right choice. We accept unopened item returns within 30 days of delivery. Refunds will be given in the form of store credit. Click here more information on our return policy.


Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we ship to the United States and Canada. If you have an international order request, please email us at concierge@biographynyc.com.