The Context

We know nature to be bold, dramatic, and full of surprises—but saw that ‘natural beauty’ brands were flat, sterile, and predictable. With our deliberate use of vibrant color, Art Deco grandeur, and modern graphic elements, we’re revealing what’s really ‘natural’ in beauty: namely, power, intrigue, and a bit of whimsy too. You'll see this approach at every level of Biography, from our energetic visuals, uncompromised ingredients, and sustainable practices. Because nature always has a new story to tell us—and we're listening.

The Name

We realize that the only products you truly love (or need) are the ones that become an integral part of your story—that make for a real change, a meaningful difference, a new chapter in your biography. Thus the name was born. This is profoundly personal beauty that puts your story first, and looks forward to all the changes ahead.

Biography logo

The New Natural

The Biography visual identity, internal logic, and character arc was created by New York-based Creative Director Adrianne De Loia.

The Look

If Biography were an art movement, it would be called something like The New Natural School, adapting the fluidity and color of expressionism and the careful editing of digital art, and using these influences to redefine how ‘natural’ products can be presented and imagined: as powerful, intelligent, and desirable. Our products not only treat you well; they’re also designed to be a treat to see, have, and hold. Making them lovely is our way of honoring the contents within and your own personal context without.