The earth is our true source of beauty

We know this from experience, but learned it anew when sourcing our ingredients. We found that the typical industry nomenclature can hide a multitude of unsustainable sins, and that even ‘natural’ can be done unnaturally—say, by overstripping, overplanting, or overtaxing a specific piece of land, or caring more about the seeds of a plant than the human being who harvests it.

Biography sustainable skincare

Truly Clean Ingredients

Biography is clean skincare that comes with a clean conscience. We individually select all of our ingredients for purity, potency, and integrity, partnering only with small fair trade suppliers to get the best nature offers while respecting the earth it comes from. While other companies might use stock blends that come off the shelf, we hand-pick fresh ingredients and develop proprietary formulas, which means our oils are like no others on the market.

Clean skincare, sustainably sourced

Biography gladly does without: cruelty, parabens, fillers, mineral oil, unfulfilled promises, preservatives, alcohol, water, or artificial pretention.

Reusable & Recyclable Materials

None of our materials are in their first life—or their last. Most have already been recycled, or come harmlessly from nature, down to our FSC-certified paper and vegan soy-based ink. Our glass bottles are specially coated to protect our actives against UV-ray degradation, and they’re fully recyclable and easily reused or repurposed. Our cotton pouch is lined for leak-resistance, and lives happily again as a moisture-resistant travel bag or jewelry pouch. There’s a second life awaiting all Biography materials: whether you spend it together is up to you.

Reusable and recyclable packaging